UCO CPD/EdACHe - Education and Assessment for Confidence in Headaches

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EdACHe - Education and Assessment for Confidence in Headaches

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High quality and academically robust headache education helping you to practice safely, refer appropriately, recognise and manage headache and facial pain disorders. It also includes appropriate clinical and physical examinations for patients presenting with headaches. The course contains 8 hours of self-paced learning with 20 modules, relevant clinical scenarios and quizzes.


Delegates reported high levels of satisfaction with this course.

"Finally, I have obviously gone over the course a few times now, but I look forward to it every time, and look forward to hoovering up a few more nuggets every time. This is going to be such a great resource for Students and Experienced Practitioners alike!"

"The EdACHe course is excellent and I recommend it to anyone that wants to acquire more knowledge and competences in headache disorders.. 

I feel the content and everything that is covered in the modules is of high academic

"The EdACHe course is fab!! I really enjoyed it. You should be so proud of what the OPHM team have produced" 

Introductory video

Would you know what to do?

Course description

A patient walks into your clinic complaining of a headache. 

Is it safe to treat? 

Do you know the warning signs? 

Are you confident in your diagnosis? 

Should you refer and if so, who to? 

Which investigations may be appropriate? 

Will your treatment be effective or would they be better helped elsewhere? 

The answers can be found in this EdACHe e-learning course. 

20 modules with videos and quizzes covering 4 areas: 

Headaches in context 

Safety and diagnosis 

Recognising and management of common and less common headache and facial pain disorders. 

Taking it into practice including relevant examinations. 

The aim of the course is to give you confidence in your knowledge of headache disorders so you know what questions to ask, when to treat and how to communicate effectively with your patients and medical professionals. 

This is the only headache education to be informed by a study of existing knowledge, trialled using an RCT before-and-after study and shown to be effective in improving headache knowledge in clinically relevant scenarios. 

Tailored to the needs of manual therapists and allied health professionals. 

Academically robust. 

Informed by the latest medical science. 

Based on internationally accepted recommendations for the primary care setting.

Required foundation course for future face-to-face practical 'how to treat' courses.

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Summary of Osteopathic Standards and other CPD elements covered

A Communication and patient partnership A1, A2, A5
B Knowledge, skills and performance B1, B2, B3, B4
C Safety and quality in practice C1, C4, C6
D Professionalism D10

Learning outcomes

Elizabeth Huzzey-Cunningham, Mark McWilliam, Vinod Mahtani, Helena Bridge, Corina Breukel, Henrik Winther Schytz, Jerry Draper-Rodi (2022);

International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine, ISSN: 1746-0689, Vol: 43, Page: 16-22

Study to assess existing knowledge of headache disorders among registered osteopaths practising in the UK: A cross-sectional survey

Phalip, J., Bridge, H. y Bright, P. (2022) «Impact of an evidence based e-learning on osteopaths’ attitudes, knowledge and beliefs towards evidence-based headache management», Revista de Investigación Osteopática, 2(Especial). Disponible en: https://revistaios.eoba.com.ar/index.php/ios/article/view/44 (Accedido: 20diciembre2022). 


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Section 1: Introduction

Module 1 Introduction to the EdACHe course (9 mins 10 secs)
Video 1: A patient walks in with a headache... (53 secs)
Module 2: What's in a name? Headache Classification (12 mins 35 secs)
Module 2 Quiz: Headache Classification
Module 3.1 What is a Headache - The Language of Headaches (7 mins 26 sec)
Module 3.2 What is a Headache - Headache Pain (12 mins 43 secs)
Module 3 Quiz: What is a headache?
Module 4 Headaches in context (14 mins 39 secs)
Module 4 Quiz: Headaches in context

Section 2: Headache safety and diagnosis

Module 5.1 Headache toolkit part 1 (3 mins 35 secs)
Video 5.1 What's in the toolkit? (50 secs)
Module 5.2 Headache toolkit part 2 (1 min 9 secs)
Video 5.2 Headache toolkit - Thunderclap (42 secs)
Module 5.3 Headache toolkit part 3 (1 min 54 secs)
Module 5 Quiz: Headache toolkit
Module 6.1 Headache Red Flags and SNOOP4 criteria part 1 (5 mins 59 secs)
Video 6.1 Headache Red Flags/SNOOP (1 min 53 secs)
Module 6.2 Headache Red flags and SNOOP4 criteria part 2 (1 min 13 secs)
Video 6.2 Migraine pain - the patient experience (1 min 19 secs)
Module 6.3 Headache Red flags and SNOOP4 criteria part 3 (2 mins 36 secs)
Module 6 Quiz: Red flags
Module 7 The headache case history (11 mins 50 secs)
Module 7 Quiz: The headache case history

Section 3a: Common headache disorders

Module 8.1 Episodic migraine part 1 (6 mins 47 secs)
Video 8.1 The four stages of migraine
Module 8.2 Episodic migraine part 2 (11 mins 20 secs)
Module 8 Quiz: Migraine
Module 9 Episodic tension-type headache (12 mins 22 secs)
Module 9 Quiz: Episodic tension-type headache

Section 3b: Less common headache and facial pain disorders

Module 10 Trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias (TACs) (12 mins 19 secs)
Module 10 Quiz: Trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias (TACs)
Module 11 Cranial neuralgias (11 mins 7 secs)
Module 11 Quiz: Cranial neuralgias

Section 3c: Chronic headache disorders

Module 12.1 Chronification part 1 (3 mins 17 secs)
Module 12.2 Chronification part 2 (56 secs)
Module 13 Chronic migraine (CM) (19 mins 32 secs)
Module 13 Quiz: Chronic migraine (CM)
Module 14 Chronic tension-type headache (CTTH) (17 mins 17 secs)
Module 14 Quiz: Chronic tension-type (CTTH) headache
Module 15 Post-traumatic headache disorder part 1 (13 mins 6 secs)
Video 15 Post-traumatic headache: Joe, a patient's story (4 mins 3 secs)
Module 15 Post-traumatic headache disorder (PTHD) part 2 (1 min 15 secs)
Module 15 Quiz: Post-traumatic headache disorder (PTHD)
Module 16 Cervicogenic headache (CGH/CeH) (6 mins 36 secs)
Module 16 Quiz: Cervicogenic headache (CGH/CeH)
Module 17 Medication overuse headache (MOH) (13 mins 26 secs)
Module 17 Quiz: Medication overuse headache (MOH)

Section 4: Taking it into practice

Module 18 Grey areas in headache evaluation (5 mins 32 secs)
Module 18 Quiz: Grey areas
Module 19.1 Physical examination part 1 (16 mins 47 secs)
Video 19.1.1 Physical examination CCFT (4 min 56 secs)
Video 19.1.2 Physical examination CFRT (2 mins 4 secs)
Video 19.1.3 Physical examination C-spine AROM (2 mins 7 secs)
Module 19.2 Physical examination part 2 (4 mins 43 secs)
Video 19.2.1 Vertebral artery test history (Alan Taylor) (8 mins 8 secs)
Video 19.2.2 Dr Elrington's 3- minute neuroscreen for headaches (8 mins 5 secs)
Module 19 Quiz: Physical examination for headaches
Module 20.1 A patient walks in with a headache - The Headache toolkit revisited (3 mins 17 secs)
Module 20.2 Conclusion part 1 (23 secs)
Video 20.2 A patient walks in with a headache. What do you do now? (53 secs)
Module 20.3 Conclusion part 2 (13 secs)

Section 5: Further learning, useful resources and content credits

Further information.docx

The Osteopaths for Progress in Headaches and Migraines (OPHM-Ed) lecture team

Five allied health professionals all with 20-30 years clinical experience, post-graduate qualifications in headache disorders and published researchers in the headache field. 

Elizabeth Huzzey MHD DO

Master of Headache Disorders (Copenhagen). 
EdACHe Project Lead 
Honorary Advisor for British Association for the Study of Headache (BASH)

Central London and Herts        https://www.elizabethhuzzey.co.uk

Helena Bridge MSc PGCE DO

Clinic Lead at ESO/BCOM Headache Clinics.
PGCE in Clinical and Academic Education
MSc Clinical Management of Pain and Headache Disorders (Edinburgh)

SW London

Corina Breukel DO

Cluster Headache Advocate 
CPA in Narrative Medicine Columbia NY

Essex/ Suffolk Borders                    https://longmelfordosteopaths.com/ 

Vinod Mahtani MSc BA(Hons) BSc(Hons)Ost

MSc Clinical Management of Pain and Headache Disorders (Edinburgh)

Enfield and Barnet, North London.  https://firstcallosteopaths.co.uk/ 

Mark McWilliam MSc BA(Hons) BSc(Hons)Ost

MSc in Pain Management (Cardiff) 
Welsh Pain Society Prize Winner

Cardiff, South Wales